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How to Make Money with an Adult Cam Site : Step One

To commemorate the launch of our newest cam site — http://stripromolive.com, I will be writing about ‘organic’ methods of building adult cam, video and blog site traffic.

Most of the info will be on the StriPromo blog - http://stripromo.com (currently under construction, but launching very soon), but I’ll add some ‘teaser’ tidbits’ on Tumblr while we wait for the crew to finish making things look purdy.

I won’t be charging $$$ for a tutorial or anything silly like that. If you want to show any appreciation, click this link and set up a free account. Chat with some sexy ladies. Spend a few $$’s to make life in their home countries that much easier (or to support their ingrate boyfriends).

If this is all that you can see of the article, then click on the “Read More” link somewhere on here for the first few tips on How to Make Money with an Adult Cam Site.

Step 1: Choose an affiliate program.

I won’t be putting up any links, because the programs change constantly, and because this is supposed to be a short intro post. Read more on the blog (http://stripromo.com once it launches.

Various affiliate programs pay differently, but most have two options: Pay Per Signup, and Lifetime Rev Sharing. Getting paid for every signup is good in the short term, but has been abused so many times that most programs switch you over to Revenue Sharing if you don’t meet their magical quota. The formula is easy - every person that signs up earns you $15-$45. If the site is buggy or the talent is lacking, choose this option for as long as they’ll allow it.

Revenue Sharing means that you will get a cut of every dollar that your referrals spend on the site, regardless when they come back. If you are generating legitimate (and ‘organic’) traffic, then you’re better off with this option. ‘Hooked’ members typically spend $120-$150 during their first month. Since Rev Sharing pays 20%-40%, you’re already making more than you would have for the signup alone. Make sure that the site/network that you are promoting has some substance behind it. I’ve found programs with amazing rates that were full of talent that couldn’t even get an 18 year old virgin stirred up.

I chose the network we used for our site (http://stripromolive.com) after about a month of perusing all of the available affiliate programs. The rates are competitive, and they have some top-notch models. 

** More soon to come. Write me on Twitter - @Strip_Club or send me a message via Tumblr. **

How “Patient Zero” Contracted HIV

This latest HIV outbreak is bringing the porn industry to a standstill. The bad decisions of one individual can cause a chain reaction affecting thousands. The mainstream media is quick to point questions at the porn industry. Condoms are only required by a couple of the larger studios, while most choose to glorify the ‘natural’ look (enhanced breasts and asses notwithstanding).

If you know any career porn stars, you’ll know that they fuck ALOT of people on a regular basis. To make money, they have to stay busy. A day in the life of a typical actress may involve shooting a Girl Girl film in the morning, sucking a cock after lunch, and whipping a latex-clad peon before Martini time. Just about all of this sexual interaction involves swapping body fluids, be it pussy juice or cum. 

To keep this whole system from spiraling out of control, there are strict rules and regulations in place. Porn stars have to submit to routine STD testing. Not doing so means that you won’t be making a dime in the ‘mainstream’ porn market. Of course, backyard amateur adventures can make it to the internet without following code, but anyone making money swapping fluids gets the test.

Just like you and I, porn stars date. They have sex with ‘civilians’, and carry on long (pardon the pun)-term relationships. Most tend to be very careful off of the set, knowing that ‘mistakes’ can cost them their career. This, of course, doesn’t apply to everyone in the industry. There are your usual ‘sluttier’ actors and actresses that enthusiastically practice their trade without a care in the world. 

Some in the industry resort to other measures to make money. Although it is taboo, some stars escort themselves out. For the right price, you can enact your favorite fantasies with a professional sex-goddess. Why have a run-of-the-mill hooker when you can have the best of the best? Needless to say, ‘the right price’ can and usually does include bare-back fellatio and/or sex. Your typical monger isn’t required to submit himself (or herself, in rare occasions) to the same (or any) level of testing or scrutiny. The bug is passed on from streetwalker to customer to escort to performer.. you get the picture.

Many known escort/performers are ostracized by others in the industry. Some try to hide their entrepreneurial adventures, while others blatantly list prices on their websites. I’m sure that studios have an opinion on the issue, but I have yet to see any concrete efforts from within the industry to curb this extracurricular behavior. 

Even taking sex out of the picture, there are other ways of contracting the virus. Drugs have been a staple of the entertainment (adult and mainstream) industry since the very beginning. Combing through the latest celebrity tabloids, you can find everything from self-medicating manic depressants to strung-out needle jockeys. It is no different in the flesh trade. One wrong prick (hahaha.. relevant, but nvm) can lead to a very untimely demise.

How did “Patient Zero” contract HIV? The exact specifics are not yet known, but our friendly neighborhood health professional at the CDC have this to say:

HIV can be detected in several fluids and tissue of a person living with HIV. It is important to understand however, that finding a small amount of HIV in a body fluid or tissue does not mean that HIV is transmitted by that body fluid or tissue. Only specific fluids (blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk) from an HIV-infected person can transmit HIV. These specific fluids must come in contact with a mucous membrane or damaged tissue or be directly injected into the blood-stream (from a needle or syringe) for transmission to possibly occur.

In the United States, HIV is most commonly transmitted through specific sexual behaviors (anal or vaginal sex) or sharing needles with an infected person. It is less common for HIV to be transmitted through oral sex or for an HIV-infected woman to pass the virus to her baby before or during childbirth or after birth through breastfeeding or by prechewing food for her infant. In the United States, it is also possible to acquire HIV through exposure to infected blood, transfusions of infected blood, blood products, or organ transplantation, though this risk is extremely remote due to rigorous testing of the U.S. blood supply and donated organs.

You can fill in the blanks from there…

Writing to Fail

It’s funny to me that creating art of any type, be it written, drawn or sung, has to be done remarkably or atrociously to garner any attention. The artist that is mediocre or (oh God) average is cast to the wayside. It takes praise or complete revulsion to make even a ripple in the consciousness of our intended audience.

In a way, it is survival of the fittest. While the Dodo was hunted and barbecued out of existence, the useless lump of flesh known as the Manatee (Sea Cow) gets to live a life of quiet luxury in our many aquariums, protected habitats and canals. As pigeons commence mass efforts to blanket cities in their shit, eagles struggle to lay an egg that won’t break on impact.

I wonder how many of the ‘horrible’ success stories used to be talented in their own right. How many of them subject themselves to scorn and ridicule, just to feel the touch of history on their shoulder. March on, oh warriors of the mundane. One day history will appreciate the stealth of the mediocre, the talent of remaining hidden in the shadows of the all-seeing eye of the critic. March on.


Jenna Pietersen

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To All the Asshole Drivers Out There

A. My vehicle is bigger* than yours.

B. It is paid for.

C. I’ve been looking for a reason to go car shopping.

D. My lawyer is a pro at getting me out of anything thrown at me.

E. I’m still probably cranky from having to wake up early after a night of Screwdrivers and screwing.

F. After living abroad, I have no problem with stopping in the middle of traffic, pulling your fat ass out of your car and beating you while your deprived wife gets to see what a real man looks like.

Now.. do you really want to test me by cutting me off or not letting me switch lanes? Let’s think about that…

*Note - If I’m in the convertible, replace with *faster*.


What is it with drivers today? They act like the frail fiberglass box that they are in protects them from anyone and anything. Trying to be oblivious to your ignorance does nothing to alleviate it. The next mini-van driving antacid-popping suburbanite that cuts me off will be face-to-face with a pissed off Russian and no Vodka to distract him with.

Stripper’s checklist found by a Vegas security guard. ROFL — she’s a busy gal!

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